Our Story
September 6, 2020

Kash911 was started by Charlie Madaen after he saw firsthand how difficult it could be for hardworking Americans to get financial help from the banks when times are tough. He saw good people he knew lose their homes or businesses because cash flow was slow and they couldn’t keep up with the payments on time.

Charlie realized that when the banks say no, people still need a way to quickly access capitol or they lose what they worked years or decades to build. In light of this, he founded Kash911 to provide fast and easy loans to people who may not qualify with the corner banking institutions. Our loans are simple and clear. You will know day one exactly what to expect and we will work with you on comfortable repayment options.

The fact is, we want you to keep your home or business. We want you to start that great new project. We are here to help and that’s why our customers keep coming back.